Meeting of eCommerce logistics practitioners

The e-LEA Association was established with the aim of spreading best practices, as well as building standards in the field of eCommerce logistics. We want to create a community of people who share a passion and who want to share it with others. We believe that a personal meeting is the best opportunity to exchange knowledge, and this is our primary goal.

We invite all practitioners and supporters of eCommerce logistics to participate in the organized meetings, it is a unique opportunity to establish business contacts, as well as a wide range of opportunities to exchange experiences with other industry representatives.

Be together with us!

Wondering whether to join us? Take a look at the program of the previous edition of meetComm 2023 and feedback from participants.

Want to get in on the next edition of meetComm? Enrollment for 2024 starts soon!

Interested in presenting your business case at a meetComm forum? Write to us! The 2024 project is coordinated by Adam Sobolewski.

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