Terms of service

Regulations of the e-LEA platform

Below you can see the terms and conditions of the e-LEA platform, which includes information such as. about the rules for using the platform, the rules for providing electronic services, registration, forms of payment, the procedure for withdrawal from the contract, or the complaint procedure.

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§ 1


For the purposes of these regulations, the following meanings of the following terms are adopted:

  1. E-LEA Association, Service Provider – E-Commerce Logistics Experts Association, registered in the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and independent public health care institutions of the National Court Register by the District Court for the City of St. Petersburg. Warsaw, XIII Economic Department of the National Court Register under the number 0000972911, NIP 5213970015, REGON 52212803200000.
  2. e-LEA Platform – the platform through which the Subscriber uses Content provided by members of the e-LEA Association.
  3. Subscription level – the level that determines the subscription fee.
  4. Site – the website available at www.e-lea.org, through which the Subscriber can log into the e-LEA Platform.
  5. Account – a Subscriber’s account established on the e-LEA Platform, allowing access to Content provided by members of the e-LEA Association. The Customer’s account is created automatically after the conclusion of the Agreement.
  6. Subscriber – a natural person, legal entity or crippled legal entity that places an Order, enters into an Agreement and subscribes to access to the e-LEA Platform.
  7. Subscription period – the period of time for which the Subscriber gains access to the e-LEA Platform after concluding the Agreement.
  8. Consumer – a natural person entering into a contract with the Service Provider not directly related to his/her business or professional activity.
  9. Entrepreneur on consumer rights – an individual who enters into a contract with the Service Provider that is directly related to his/her business activity, when it is clear from the content of the contract that it does not have a professional character for that person, arising in particular from the subject of his/her business activity, made available on the basis of the provisions on the Central Register and Information on Business Activity.
  10. Regulations – these regulations, available at www.e-lea.org/regulamin.
  11. Content – digital content made available by e-LEA Association members through the e-LEA Platform, including but not limited to. articles, thematic discussion forums, podcasts, webinar recordings, online training courses and services made available to the Subscriber only through the e-LEA Platform after conclusion of the Agreement and logging into the Account.
  12. Services – services provided electronically by the Service Provider, including services provided to the Subscriber. The services provided to the Subscriber are for a fee, unless expressly stipulated otherwise.
  13. Subscription – a service provided electronically after the conclusion of the Agreement consisting in access to Digital Content made available within the e-LEA Platform.
  14. Order – an action, a statement of intent by the Subscriber aimed directly at concluding a Contract with the Service Provider under the terms indicated in the Regulations.
  15. Order Form – a form available behind the Site and by means of which, the Subscriber can place an Order and conclude the Contract.
  16. Agreement – an agreement for the provision of electronic services consisting of a periodic subscription to Content available on the e-LEA Platform, which is automatically renewed for the next Subscription Period until the Subscriber cancels the subscription. The contract is payable, unless expressly stipulated otherwise.
  17. Payment operator – Stripe, Inc., 510 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.

§ 2

Preliminary provisions

  1. Through the e-LEA Platform, the e-LEA Association sells digital content, while providing electronic services to the Subscriber in accordance with § 3 of the Regulations.
  2. The e-LEA platform enables community building, helps Subscribers find and connect with individuals, groups, companies, organizations and others related to e-commerce logistics.
  3. The Regulations set out the terms and conditions for the use of the e-LEA Platform, as well as the rights and obligations of the Service Provider and the Subscriber.
  4. It is not necessary for the Subscriber’s computer or other device to meet specific technical conditions in order to use the Site and the e-LEA Platform. Sufficient are:
    1. Internet access,
    2. standard operating system,
    3. A current, standard version of a web browser,
    4. having an active e-mail address.
  5. The subscriber cannot make a purchase anonymously or under a pseudonym. A community is safer and more accountable when there are real people behind the judgments, comments and actions expressed. Subscribers are therefore required to use their first and last name, provide true information about themselves, create only one Account and use it for their own purposes, not share their password, and not allow others to use their Account.
  6. Prohibited:
    1. provision by the Subscriber of content of an unlawful nature, prohibited by law, misleading, discriminatory, including vulgar content, offensive content, content that violates human dignity, insults the feelings or views of others spreading and posting spam, in particular by sending such content within the forms available on the Site and on the e-LEA Platform or other actions that inconvenience Subscribers and the Service Provider;
    2. use the e-LEA Platform in a manner inconsistent with the law or the provisions of the Regulations, good morals and rules of social coexistence, including the distribution of Content and information obtained on the e-LEA Platform;
    3. use the e-LEA Platform in a manner inconsistent with the purpose of the e-LEA Platform, the Account or the Site, including for promotional and advertising purposes only or for the benefit of third parties, sharing Account data with third parties;
  1. The subscriber is obliged to:
    1. use of the e-LEA Platform in a manner consistent with the Regulations and the law,
    2. use the e-LEA Platform in a manner that does not interfere with its operation, including not introducing content that threatens the integrity of the information systems or the e-LEA Platform. The Subscriber shall not upload viruses or malicious code or take actions that could block, overload or interfere with the proper functioning of the e-LEA Platform.
  1. The Service Provider shall have the right to permanently or temporarily block the account of a Subscriber who violates the provisions of the Terms of Service or the law, or to remove any content posted by the Subscriber on the e-LEA platform that violates the above provisions. The Service Provider encourages Subscribers to report content or behavior that, in their opinion, violates their rights (including intellectual property rights), is inconsistent with the law, the provisions of the Regulations, good morals or rules of social intercourse.
  2. All prices listed on the Site are gross prices.
  3. The Service Provider provides 24/7 access to the e-LEA Platform, but reserves the right to apply interruptions in access for technical reasons, including interruptions due to circumstances beyond the Service Provider’s control.

§ 3

Services provided electronically

  1. Through the Site, the Service Provider provides electronic services to the Subscriber.
  2. The primary service provided electronically to the Subscriber by the Service Provider is to enable the Subscriber to enter into an Agreement with the Service Provider electronically via an Order Form. This service is provided free of charge.
  3. The Service Provider also provides the Subscriber with an electronic service to register and maintain an Account. Creating an Account is necessary to use the Content provided on the e-LEA Platform.
  4. The Agreement for the creation and maintenance of the Account is concluded upon the conclusion of the Agreement. The Subscriber indicates in the Order Form his/her name, surname, e-mail address, password and password confirmation, credit card number, expiration date and CVC number to create an individual Account, accepts the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and places an Order. The Account stores the Subscriber’s data provided by him/her in the Order Form, his/her contributions to the discussion forums, messages sent to other Subscribers within the e-LEA platform, materials made available by him/her, and the history of Content evaluations made by him/her.
  5. The Subscriber logs into the Account using his/her e-mail address and a password defined by him/her.
  6. The Subscriber data visible by default on the e-LEA Platform is the first name, last name and other data completed by the Subscriber in the Edit Profile tab. The extent of the data pertaining to the Subscriber and available to other Subscribers logged into the Platform depends on the Subscriber, who may modify his/her data at any time after logging into the Account.
  7. The Subscriber may delete the Account at any time. Deletion of the Account will result in loss of access to the e-LEA Platform. Deletion of the account means termination of the Agreement.
  8. In order to ensure the security of the Subscriber and the transmission of data in connection with the use of the e-LEA Platform, the Service Provider shall take technical and organizational measures appropriate to the degree of security risk of the services provided, in particular measures to prevent the acquisition and modification of personal data by unauthorized persons. The Subscriber shall immediately notify the Service Provider in case of becoming aware of a security breach or unlawful use of the Account or the password securing it, or of any other irregularity related to them.
  9. The Service Provider shall take measures to ensure the fully correct functioning of the e-LEA Platform. The subscriber should inform the Service Provider of any irregularities or interruptions in its operation.
  10. Any complaints related to the operation of the e-LEA Platform, the Subscriber may submit via e-mail to kontakt@e-lea.org. In the complaint, the Subscriber should specify the type and date of the irregularity. The Service Provider will process all complaints within 30 days of receiving the complaint and will inform the Subscriber of the resolution of the complaint at the e-mail address of the complainant.
  11. The Service Provider may terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services and delete the Account, with immediate effect, for valid reasons, in the event of a material and flagrant violation by the Subscriber of the provisions of the Regulations, and in particular in the case of violation of § 2(6) or (7) of the Regulations.

§ 4

Intellectual property rights

  1. The Service Provider hereby informs the Subscriber that the Content available on the e-LEA Platform may constitute works within the meaning of the Act of February 4, 1994. on Copyright and Related Rights, the copyrights of which belong to the Service Provider or third parties who are their authors and which have been made available only for the use of the e-LEA Platform.
  2. The Service Provider hereby informs the Subscriber that the purchase of a Subscription does not constitute the conclusion, or cannot be the basis for a claim to conclude, an agreement to transfer to the Subscriber the aforementioned. property copyrights, both in part and in whole, and further distribution of copyrighted content by the Subscriber without the consent of the Service Provider or third-party authors, except for use of the content under permitted personal use, constitutes copyright infringement and may result in civil or criminal liability.

§ 5

Entering into a contract

  1. The use of the e-LEA Platform Content is possible after the Order is placed, the Agreement is concluded and the Subscriber logs into the e-LEA Platform. The Subscriber may place an Order from the appropriate subpage of the Site. The subscriber, if he/she has a promotional code that allows it, can select the Subscription Level.
  2. Placing an Order is done by completing the Order Form. After selecting the Subscription Level, in order to conclude the Agreement, the Subscriber should take the next steps according to the messages displayed on the Site.
  3. In the Order Form it is necessary to;
  1. Providing the following data necessary to process the order: name, email address and payment card number, expiration date and CVC code. The subscriber can optionally also provide the company data necessary for issuing a VAT invoice, i.e. Company name, Tax ID, address (country, street, building number, premises number, postal code, city).
  2. Accepting the Terms and Conditions and Privacy and Cookies Policy. Acceptance is necessary to complete and finalize the Order. The subscriber should familiarize himself with the documents in question beforehand. If there is any doubt about their content, the Subscriber may contact the Service Provider.
  3. consent to the delivery of digital content before the end of the withdrawal period (if available).
  1. The ordering process is completed by clicking on the order finalizing button “Submit and proceed to payment”, which indicates the need to pay for the Order. Clicking on the button finalizing the order constitutes a statement of intent by the Subscriber leading to the conclusion of the Contract with the Service Provider, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. After placing an order and verifying payment, the Subscriber will receive an email confirming the order and conclusion of the Agreement.
  2. Payment for the Package is made by debiting the payment card provided in the Order Form by the Subscriber. Payment is collected through the Payment Provider.
  3. Access to the Content via the e-LEA Platform occurs immediately after the conclusion of the Agreement and the collection of funds from the Subscriber’s bank account.

§ 6


  1. The only available payment method within the Order Form is automatic payment, which involves the automatic, cyclical collection of the Subscription fee from the payment card provided by the Subscriber when placing the Order.
  2. Automated payments, are handled through the Payment Provider, in accordance with the Rules of the Payment Provider.
  3. When placing an Order, the Subscriber authorizes the Service Provider to automatically charge the fee throughout the term of the Agreement. The subscriber can cancel the automatic payment at any time by selecting the appropriate option in his profile settings. If the Subscriber does not wish to renew the Subscription, he/she should cancel the automatic payment before the start of the new billing period. Cancellation of automatic payment does not affect the ability to access Content during the Subscription Period that has been paid for until canceled. The Agreement shall terminate on the last day of the Paid Subscription Period in the event of receipt of information from the Payment Provider that payment from the Subscriber has not been made.
  4. Each Order is accompanied by an electronic invoice for the Subscriber’s name or for the company, if the Subscriber has filled in the company data necessary for issuing a VAT invoice in the Order Form. The electronic invoice will be delivered to the Subscriber upon request electronically, to the e-mail address provided in the Order Form, to which the Subscriber agrees by placing an Order. Subsequent invoices are issued automatically after the receipt of the payment for the next subscription period is credited to the Subscriber’s account and sent to the Subscriber upon request, to which the Subscriber agrees.

§ 7

Performance of the contract

  1. The fulfillment of the order including access to the Content is carried out by sending a message to the e-mail address provided by the Subscriber in the Order Form containing access data to the Account held.
  2. The Subscriber shall use the e-LEA Platform in a manner consistent with the law, the Regulations and good morals, including in accordance with the provisions of § 2 of the Regulations.
  3. The Agreement is automatically terminated if the fee due under the Agreement cannot be collected.
  4. The Agreement can be terminated by opting out of the automatic renewal of the Subscription and selecting the appropriate option in the Subscriber’s Account for this purpose.
  5. In the event of termination of the Agreement or its termination, after the last day of the Paid Subscription Period, the Subscriber’s Account is automatically deleted from the computer system.

§ 8

Withdrawal of the Consumer and Entrepreneur on the rights of the consumer from the contract

  1. A Subscriber who is a Consumer or an Entrepreneur on the rights of a Consumer, who has concluded a remote contract with the Service Provider, has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of conclusion of the contract subject to paragraph. 5.
  2. The right of withdrawal from a contract concluded at a distance does not apply to the Consumer or Entrepreneur on the rights of the consumer with respect to contracts for the supply of digital content that is not recorded on a tangible medium, if the performance has begun with the express consent of the Consumer or Entrepreneur on the rights of the consumer before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal and after informing him of the loss of the right of withdrawal.
  3. A consumer or Entrepreneur on the rights of a consumer, if entitled to withdraw, in order to withdraw from the contract, must inform the Service Provider of its decision to withdraw from the contract by an unequivocal statement – for example, a letter sent by mail, fax or e-mail.
  4. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the Service Provider shall return to the Consumer or Entrepreneur on the rights of the Consumer all payments received from the Consumer or Entrepreneur on the rights of the Consumer immediately, no later than 14 days from the day on which the Service Provider was informed of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.
  5. The Service Provider informs that placing an Order for a Subscription involves the commencement of performance before the expiration of the deadline for withdrawal from the Agreement and implies the loss of the right to withdraw from the Agreement in connection with the delivery of digital content, to which the Subscriber, by placing an Order and accepting the Terms and Conditions, agrees.

§ 9

Liability and complaints

  1. The Service Provider is obliged to provide services to the Subscriber with utmost care and without defects.
  2. The Service Provider is liable to the Subscriber if the services provided have a physical or legal defect (warranty for defects).
  3. If the Subscriber discovers a defect in the services provided by the Service Provider to him/her, he/she should inform the Service Provider, specifying at the same time his/her claim related to the identified defect or making a statement to that effect. If an incomplete complaint is received, the Service Provider will call on the Subscriber to complete it.
  4. The subscriber can contact with via e-mail to kontakt@e-lea.org.
  5. The Service Provider shall respond to the complaint submitted by the Subscriber within 14 days from the date of delivery of the complaint to the Service Provider by such means of communication by which the complaint was submitted.
  6. In the case of the provision of services in business-to-business trade under Art. 558 § 1 of the Civil Code, the parties exclude the Service Provider’s liability under the warranty for physical and legal defects.

§ 10

Personal data and cookies

  1. The administrator of the Subscriber’s personal data is the Service Provider.
  2. The personal data of the Subscriber provided in the Order Form will be processed on the basis of the Agreement concluded between the Service Provider and the Subscriber, which is concluded as a result of acceptance of these Regulations. This is necessary for the execution of the Agreement, and the subsequent maintenance of the Subscriber’s Account and its service related to the concluded Agreement.
  3. Details related to personal data and cookies are described in the privacy policy available at https://e-lea.org/polityka-prywatnosci/

§ 11

Out-of-court ways of dealing with complaints and redress of grievances

  1. The Service Provider agrees to submit any disputes arising in connection with concluded contracts for the provision of digital content to mediation proceedings. Details will be determined by the conflicting parties.
  2. The consumer has the option of using out-of-court means of handling complaints and claims. Among other things, the Consumer has the opportunity to:
    1. to apply to a permanent amicable consumer court with a request to resolve a dispute arising from the contract,
    2. to apply to the provincial inspector of the Trade Inspection to initiate mediation proceedings for an amicable settlement of the dispute between the Subscriber and the Service Provider,
    3. use the assistance of a district (city) consumer ombudsman or a social organization whose statutory tasks include consumer protection.
  3. For more detailed information on out-of-court complaint and redress of grievances, the consumer can look at http://polubowne.uokik.gov.pl.
  4. Consumers can also use the ODR platform, which is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. The platform serves to resolve disputes between consumers and businesses seeking out-of-court settlement of disputes regarding contractual obligations arising from an online sales contract or service contract.

§ 12

Final provisions

  1. The Service Provider reserves the right to introduce and cancel offers, promotions, and to change the prices of Subscriptions without prejudice to the rights acquired by Subscribers, including in particular the terms of contracts concluded before the change.
  2. The service provider is constantly improving its services and developing new features to offer better products to Subscribers and the community. In this regard, the Service Provider reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions. The Subscriber will be informed of any change to the Terms and Conditions by sending a message to the email address assigned to the Account or via the e-LEA Platform. If you do not accept the new Terms and Conditions, you may cancel your automatic renewal of your Subscription and delete your Account. Once the updated Terms and Conditions become effective, they will be binding on the Subscriber for any further use of the e-LEA Platform.
  3. If any provision of the Regulations is declared invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. In the event that any provision of the Regulations is found to be inconsistent with generally applicable laws and violates the interests of consumers, the Service Provider undertakes not to apply the indicated provision.
  4. Any disputes related to contracts concluded through the Site will be considered by the Polish common court with jurisdiction over the Seller’s permanent place of business. This provision does not apply to Consumers and Entrepreneurs on the rights of consumers, for whom the jurisdiction of the court is considered under the general rules.
  5. These Regulations are effective as of 01/08/2022.

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